Rap Guide to Evolution: Music Videos DVD

*NEW* DVD Review from American Biology Teacher Magazine
“Brinkman’s energetic performance videos, containing clever lyrics, engaging animations, choreography, and splashy graphics, may be used as hooks to spark interest in a genetics or science history lesson.”

The Rap Guide to Evolution Music Videos takes you on a hip-hop tour of modern biology, exploring the implications of Charles Darwin’s theory of “Evolution by Natural Selection” through the medium of the rap music. From cooperation to aggression, sexual selection to domestic breeding, from the tiniest strand of DNA to the biggest hip-hop stars on TV, evolution informs and enriches our understanding of the modern world. It helps us answer the deepest questions, unites us in our common ancestry, and sheds light on the most bizarre of behaviours, most of which can be found on display in your average MTV segment. Written and performed by Canadian rap artist Baba Brinkman and supported by a generous grant from the Wellcome Trust, this collection of music videos is a whole new species of science communication.

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