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The Rap Guide to Evolution is a hip-hop tour of modern biology, exploring the implications of Charles Darwin's theory of "Evolution by Natural Selection" through the medium of the rap music.
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See the completed videos and learn about evolution through the annotated lyrics.
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Comment on the videos and see what other people are saying. If you have used our materials in your classroom we would love to hear what you have to say, please let us know by filling out our feedback survey.

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Verbal Bling, Homicide, and Afrocentricity

When I was commissioned to write The Rap Guide to Evolution and challenged to communicate the key ideas behind Darwin’s theory in hip-hop form, my first thought was to go through my record collection and see if I could find … Continue reading

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Rap Guide to Evolution on Living On Earth

Here’s a recent segment on the Public Radio International show “Living on Earth”, featuring songs and a wide-ranging interview about the project. What do hip hop and Darwin have in common? According to rapper Baba Brinkman, a lot. He’s the … Continue reading

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Tennessee Monkey Trials (Cross post)

Cross posted from www.bababrinkman.com Last Wednesay Jamie and I performed the Rap Guide to Evolution for a group of 120 students and teachers at Union County High School in East Tennessee, and I’m proud but also sorry to say there … Continue reading

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Response to a Concerned Teacher’s Comment

Recently a (very amusing) comment was posted on the video page for Natural Selection, which deserves a comprehensive response. Catherine Borgard writes: I loved this and I would really like to use a version of it in my high school … Continue reading

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Tiktaaliks, kangaroos and hairy apes

Welcome to the Rap Guide to Evolution Blog! We will be taking a closer look at the science behind the lyrics and hopefully intrigue you. This is an interactive discussion, so if you have a comment, idea, spot a mistake … Continue reading

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